Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally Under Way!

The O'Niell's 
July 25th - 29th 2012
Indians during their annual trek down Puget Sound.
Costco container ship.
Seattle's Space Needle.

Baby Harbor Seal.

Same baby seal.
Sunset in Port of Kingston.  Our first night away from Tacoma.
There are different types of crab pots, I never knew.  This is a ring pot.
Rob impatiently waiting to pull up the ring pot.
We tried with the ring pot 4 times.  The first try we caught one but it was too small.
Our first keeper!  This is a red rock crab.  The legal shell size in WA is 5".
G got into the crabbing thing.  Here he is attempting to throw the pot overboard with one hand. :-)
He has been humbled, the pot is quite heavy so now he's trying to throw it overboard with both hands.
Rob drilling holes in a bucket...
Now that we had crab we needed somewhere to keep them alive but contained.
Mia Terra (with green top in center) at the Port of Kingston, WA.
G and dad in the dinghy.
Gage's first dinghy ride.  He Loved it!
Pulling up the crab pot from the dinghy...
Our first try with our big crab pot... a tiny crab and seaweed (or is it kelp?)
Letting the little crab out...
We moved to a different location and tried again...
Washington state requires your name and phone number to be on your buoy.  Do you see our name?
Gage wants to go for a walk in his stroller...
Rob in the dinghy going out to set the crab pot.
Bringing back crab.

Lots of dungeness crabs (and a starfish in case you were wondering what you are looking at).

G is so excited that we had to hold him back.

Only 3 of these were keepers (6 1/4 inch wide shell).

Me & G.

So sleepy..

Family outing.  Yay!

Still napping...

Our boat in the background...

Our boat still in the background...

Big 3 foot waves, we got a little wet out there.

Biggest catch of the day...

Gage loves to be tossed in the air.

Such a happy boy!

He loves his dad.

Captain Gage

Our beautiful boat!

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