Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Entire Trip Timeline & Maps

Now that we are home from our adventure, I made a timeline of our trip.  We ended up not making it to Alaska after all.  We visited friends and family in California and Oregon.  We spent a month and a half in Tacoma getting the boat ready.  We toured Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and a little bit of Canada.  We decided to sell our boat in order to buy a bigger one.  It is for sale with our broker in La Conner, WA.  We went to the Bremmerton Blackberry Festival in our van and met up with our Tacoma Power Squadron friends who were all staying on their boats.  We visited friends and family in Seattle then came home to NM...

May 29th            Albuquerque, NM to Grants, NM

May 30th            Grants, NM to Inyokern, CA

May 31st            Inyokern, CA to Crowly Lake, CA

June 1st               Crowly Lake, CA to Copperopolis, CA

June 2nd             Copperopolis, CA to San Jose, CA

June 3rd              San Jose, CA to Oakland, CA

June  4th             Oakland, CA to Half Moon Bay, CA

June 5th              Half Moon Bay, CA to Santa Rosa, CA

June 6th              Santa Rosa, CA to Medford, OR

June 7th              Medford, OR to Portland, OR

June 10th            Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA

July 25th             Tacoma, WA to Kingston, WA

July 29th             Kingston, WA to Oak Harbor, WA

July 30th             Oak Harbor, WA to Rosario Resort, WA

August 1st          Rosario Resort, WA to Anacortes, WA

August 6th          Anacortes, WA to Fisherman’s Bay/Lopez Island, WA

August 11th        Fisherman’s Bay, WA to Stuart Island, WA

August 12th        Stuart Island, WA to Poets Cove/South Pender Island, BC

August 14th        Poets Cove, BC  to Tod Inlet, BC

August 15th        Tod Inlet, BC  to Sidney, BC

August 17th        Sidney, BC to Roche Harbor, WA

August 19th        Roche Harbor, WA to Fisherman’s Bay, WA

August 20th        Fisherman’s Bay, WA to La Conner, WA

August 31st         La Conner, WA to Bremmerton, WA

September 2nd    Bremmerton, WA to Kingston, WA

September 3rd     Kingston, WA to Seattle, WA

September 8th     Seattle, WA to Napa, ID

September 9th     Napa, ID to Moab, UT

September 10th   Moab, UT to Santa Fe, NM

September 11th   Santa Fe, NM to Albuquerque, NM

I'm pointing to Anacortes but this is a map of the San Juan Islands.

August 6th we  traveled from Anacortes, WA (right post-it) to Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island, WA (left post-it).

Fisherman's Bay (right post-it) to Stuart Island (left post-it).

Stuart Island, WA (bottom post-it). to Poets Cove, Canada (top post-it).