Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The "Joys" of Packing

Something I have been putting off is unpacking and re-organizing all my stuff that I have accumulated and hauled with me, some of it for 20 years.  There were many bags and boxes, four that I had simply labeled “crap”.  I decided to attack this monumental task and sort thru and organize everything I own before we leave so it’s not waiting for me when I get back.  Here are categories I have been sorting my stuff into; trash, shred, recycle, craigslist, garage sale, donate to charity, electronics, office stuff, toys, crafts, costumes, sentimental nostalgia, skinny clothes, Alaska clothes, and Alaska stuff.

Cool stuff I found while cleaning!

The "Alaska stuff" are things I have set aside that I think would be useful this summer; small carabiners, bug repellant wipes, a hammock made out of parachute material that fits into a tiny stuff sack, two super absorbent towels (they are made by Speedo and I used them for swimming but I think these days they are called sham-wow’s), a refrigerator magnet that is a mini tupperware for neosporn and band-aids, automatic travel umbrella, water tight containers, luggage tags, candles, eighteen foot nylon tow strap rated for 6,000 pounds, folding exacto knife and extra blades, illuminated screwdriver with bit set, safety LED flashlight (with a red strobe option in for safety and a magnetic end for hands-free versatility), travel picnic blanket with velcro close and handle (aka- baby floor mat), and an old fashioned laminated placemat that has a star chart printed on it.  Surprisingly all this fits into a canvas grocery bag.

and it all fits in one bag

I have also started a pack list that includes food, first-aid kit, electronics, our bicycles and things for Gage, myself & Rob.  I only want to publish the list once so I will wait until it is complete...

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  1. Looking good April! I'll be keeping an eye on you guys.